Creating Charitable Programs in Times of Crisis with Fiscal Sponsorship

Creating Charitable Programs in Times of CrisisIn the wake of devastating crises, swiftly and effectively creating charitable programs in times of crisis are essential to provide immediate relief to those affected. The recent catastrophic fires in Lahaina, Hawaii, underscored the urgent need for such initiatives. The RELIEF Foundation, in collaboration with local entrepreneurs, has risen to the occasion by harnessing the power of fiscal sponsorship to establish a charitable program that channels donations directly to those in need. This innovative approach, facilitated by Ribbon’s nonprofit operating system, allows small and medium businesses to rapidly activate charitable ventures, ensuring a streamlined process for tax-deductible donations and maximizing the direct impact on the ground. In this article, we will explore the role of fiscal sponsorship in creating charitable programs, the impact of The RELIEF Foundation’s initiative in Lahaina, and the importance of transparency and efficiency in charitable efforts.

Harnessing the Power of Fiscal Sponsorship

In times of crisis, the need for swift and effective charitable programs is paramount. The recent catastrophic fires in Lahaina, Hawaii, have left many residents, including local business owners, with devastating losses. In response to this disaster, The RELIEF Foundation, in collaboration with local entrepreneurs, has established a charitable program to channel donations directly to those in need. The key to this initiative is the use of fiscal sponsorship, a model that allows rapid activation of charitable ventures for small and medium businesses.

The Role of Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal sponsorship is an innovative approach that enables businesses and individuals to start charitable programs quickly and efficiently. By partnering with an established non-profit organization, such as The RELIEF Foundation, businesses can leverage the non-profit’s expertise, resources, and infrastructure to launch a charitable program. This partnership ensures a streamlined process for tax-deductible donations and maximizes the direct impact on the ground.

The Impact of Fiscal Sponsorship in Lahaina

The recent fires in Lahaina have left many residents with nothing. Local business owner Cole Millington, of Honolua Hot Sauce Company, experienced firsthand the devastation caused by the fires. In response, Cole partnered with The RELIEF Foundation to launch an immediate charitable relief initiative. Through the use of fiscal sponsorship and Ribbon’s nonprofit operating system, Cole was able to start a charitable program literally overnight. This initiative has raised over $150,000 to date, with a pending offer to match all donations.

The RELIEF Foundation’s Expertise

The RELIEF Foundation is a dedicated non-profit organization known for its commitment to providing prompt relief in crisis situations. With expertise in fiscal sponsorship and global experience in interventions in Haiti, Houston, and Japan, The RELIEF Foundation ensures that donations efficiently reach those most affected by disasters. Peter Groverman, The RELIEF Foundation’s Co-CEO, stated, “We are excited to support Cole and any other organization looking to lend a hand to those impacted – it feels good to do good.”

The Importance of Transparency
when Creating Charitable Programs in Times of Crisis

Transparency is a crucial aspect of any charitable program. Cole Millington emphasized, “This is about providing transparency to donors and directing every cent to friends and family who now have nothing. Anyone that wants to help, please do. The devastation is profound, and recovery is going to take years.” By partnering with The RELIEF Foundation, Cole ensures that every donation is directed to those who need it most.

Ribbon’s Nonprofit Operating System

Ribbon’s powerful platform for nonprofit program creation and back office tools efficiently manages fiscally sponsored programs from startup to scale. With tools for banking, accounting, collaboration, compliance, and fundraising, Ribbon provides everything nonprofits need to empower programs to be successful.

Supporting the Recovery Effort

The recovery effort in Lahaina is monumental, and every contribution makes a difference. To assist in this effort, please visit The RELIEF Foundation’s website at The RELIEF Foundation.

In times of crisis, the ability to rapidly establish charitable programs is essential. Fiscal sponsorship provides an effective and efficient way to launch charitable initiatives, ensuring that donations reach those in need. The RELIEF Foundation’s collaboration with local entrepreneurs in Lahaina demonstrates the power of fiscal sponsorship in providing prompt and impactful assistance to communities in dire need.


This article contains general information intended to be educational and does not constitute legal advice. Ribbon is not a law firm nor a substitute for an attorney.


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